Thinking Of Replacing Your Kitchen Tiles? Try Subway Tiles

Do you find cracks and worn out tiles in your kitchen? Are you looking for better tiles for your kitchen that will help in easy cleaning of backsplashes? If you are looking for the above, then you have landed on the right page. Just like many of the areas in your kitchen today, the backsplash

What To Avoid In Your Home Décor For 2014

Decorating your home successfully is an incredibly challenging task and it takes a lot of effort, especially if this is your first time. If you don’t tackle the project correctly, your great ideas could end up being one gigantic disaster. Here are the things that you should avoid when creating a new home décor for

5 Winter Interior Design Tips

As the cold winter months draw ever closer, we will probably find ourselves spending more time indoors and less time out. Many people like to update their décor around this time of the year in preparation, so we have compiled these tips to help you achieve just this without breaking the bank: Invite Nature In

Choose Fire Resistant Curtains And Be Aware Of Hazards

When choosing curtains, one factor that many people pay little attention to is the fabric’s fire resistance. Choosing a flame retardant material can be extremely useful in the event of an emergency, especially because a window could be the only means of escape from the home. The next time you are shopping for curtains, make

Get An Indoor Jungle Gym This Winter

Who can forget hanging from monkey bars or the metal dome climber? Both swing sets and jungle gyms have greatly advanced since the first jungle gym was invented in 1920 by Sebastian Hinton. His first patent appealed to the “monkey instinct”; claiming the benefits of climbing as exercise and play for children. The design and

Patent Landscaping Analysis: What are the Key Steps?

To those of us who are neither patent strategists nor analysts, the term patent landscaping can be confusing. To put it simply, patent landscaping is a complete and thorough process of analyzing gathered data related to a specific technology domain. If done properly, patent landscaping can provide competitive intelligence regarding future business insights and IP

Christmas DIY – Penguin Snacks

With the Christmas holidays almost upon us, it’s likely that many of us will soon have a few sun-filled weeks off work. When you throw kids into the equation, however, you can only hear “I’m bored!” so many times before you start to go a little crazy. Try this!!! Penguin Snacks For this edible idea,