26 Mar 2018

Why A Hydronic Heating System Is The Better Choice For The Family Home

hydronic heating system


For those of you unfamiliar with hydronic heating systems, there are generally two methods of operation to choose from – floor coils (which are laid under the floor, directly into the concrete slab when it’s poured, and are designed to heat up the slab and floor before radiating heat into the room above) and panel radiators (which are mounted to the wall and are fed by pipes run either under the floor or through the ceiling).

In the list below, we have sought to share why such a system is the best choice for heating your family home:

  • Energy Efficient
    As one of the most efficient forms of heating on the market, this is an option that cannot be overlooked if you want to reduce your home’s energy costs. You can even set the system to a slightly lower temperature than normal to increase its efficiency without sacrificing on your family’s comfort when the weather is cold. 
  • Healthy
    As these systems don’t used forced air, they won’t be responsible for circulating dust, pollens and other allergens around the home. This keeps your indoor air cleaner, helping to keep the entire family healthier. In fact, it’s the perfect method of heating for people who suffer from asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems. 
  • Safety
    In the case of floor coils, there aren’t any exposed elements for your children or pets to accidentally come into contact with. In the case of radiators, the elements will never grow hot enough to cause burns. The water itself has a mild temperature, ensuring that scalds are not a concern. The whole family will be kept safe. 
  • Reliable
    Hydronic heating systems are effortless and reliable – all you need to do is set the thermostat when it’s installed and forget about it. Maintenance is also seldom required, so you can rely on having a warm house when you wake up in the morning or when you step out of the shower onto normally freezing cold tiles. 
  • Versatile
    It is also possible to zone your system so that you only heat the rooms that you’re currently using. Zones are often split into living areas and bedrooms, but you can zone your home however you want (upstairs and downstairs, etc). This will save you money, reduce your energy consumption and improve the efficiency of your home. 
  • Quiet
    We have already touched on the fact that these systems don’t utilise forced air, which has the added benefit of making them almost completely silent. This makes it the perfect choice for families with young children, shift workers and just anyone wanting a good nights sleep without being disturbed by the rush of air through the ducts. 
  • Eco Friendly
    If you’re concerned with the impact you’re having on the environment, you might want to give hydronics a closer look – they are one of the greenest heating options on the market. They are manufactured using advanced technology and European design, ensuring that their carbon footprint is as small as possible.

As you can see, hydronic heating systems offer the family home numerous benefits that alternatives (including fan forced and HVAC) simply cannot match. If you are looking for the best way to keep your family warm during the upcoming winter, we highly recommend the installation of one of these systems – be sure to get in early, however, to ensure that installation can occur before the cold weather really sets in!