17 Jun 2019

6 Simple In ground Pool Ideas for Your Next DIY Project

In Ground Pools


We believe the world can be divided into two categories – those who DIY, and those who do not. If you’re in the former, then you may love ‘doing it yourself’ for many reasons, from the creativity you can inject into any project, for the satisfaction of finishing something yourself, or for the money it can save.

One area of the home that is often considered the biggest investment – after the property itself – is an inground pool. Whether you’re thinking of building your own water feature or you want to give your current pool a makeover, we’ve put together our top tips for your next DIY project.

  1. Fibreglass is a must - The first thing to consider when attempting to build a pool yourself is the materials that you plan on using. In our opinion, fibreglass pool is the ideal choice. Far cheaper than concrete, it requires less expertise to install a fibreglass model as there is no technical engineering or design work involved.
  2. Hire an excavator - If you’re building an inground pool from scratch, then one of the biggest time-saving tips we can offer is to hire an excavator. Digging a hole big enough to install a fibreglass pool into with only a shovel can take weeks, if not months, and all your hard work may be ruined if it rains. With an excavator, the job can be done over a weekend, and you can keep costs low by operating it yourself.
  3. Convert your out of ground pool- Why spend tens of thousands on an inground pool if you’ve already got an out of ground option. This tip may take extra time and commitment, but it will definitely save you big in the long run! Depending on how deep the pool is, you can turn it into an inground model by bringing in the dirt! Add a gentle slope to your property and plant plenty of shrubbery for a natural finish.
  4. Update your coping- If you already have an inground pool but feel as though it’s seen better days, then updating its coping is an excellent way to breathe new life into space. Consider tiles, natural pavers or even a fresh coat of paint, and it will look like a new space in no time! A quick bonus tip – drain the water to below the coping level first.
  5. Build a new fence- Whilst fencing is a legal requirement here in Australia, it doesn’t have to be ugly! If you’re not in love with your existing fence, then building a new one might be the DIY solution you’ve been looking for. Coordinate the fence with other fencing found throughout your property – such as in the front yard or on the balcony – and make sure it meets the current safety regulations to avoid having to do it twice.
  6. Transform the space with decking- Just as updating the fence or coping can improve the appearance of the area, a new deck can really freshen up your inground pool. Hardwoods can be expensive, so see if you can find recycled timbers – or if you already have a deck but still want an update, consider re-staining the boards or even flipping them over. They will look basically brand new!

As you can see, there are a huge range of ways you can transform your inground pool, without spending thousands in the process. Whether you’re building from scratch or you’re giving your current pool a face lift, we hope these tips provide the inspiration you’ve been searching for. However, it’s important to remember that these sorts of DIY projects can easily get out of hand, and mistakes can end up costing hundreds of dollars more than a professional would have originally charged. Make sure you have the contact details of a reputable builder close at hand and consider a partnership from the get-go to ensure you’re prepared for anything.