07 Mar 2018

Best Creative Ways To Use Pavers Around Pools

Pavers Around Pools


When planning your swimming pool surrounds, there are many elements to consider – the landscape, climate, budget and how your family intends to use the space. There’s one material that manages to find its way into almost every outdoor patio design project because of their sheer attractiveness and durability – pavers. With the variety of natural stones, sizes, styles, colours and textures, pavers truly are one of the most versatile materials out there.

Check out some of our favourite creative ways to use them around your pool:

  • Free Form Shapes
    Whilst we often think of pavers as being symmetrical with symmetrical placement, this creative idea shows us that this doesn’t always have to be the case. Larger, free form stones can actually be quite chic – particularly when they’re surrounded by gravel or some other surface to ensure that there is ample space for walking.
  • Incorporate Into the Lawn
    Pavers can be used to define spaces where you might typically expect to see lawn. Why not combine them with grass to define a larger outdoor patio area around your pool? As well as easing up on lawn care, it makes for quite the interesting look. If you can’t even be bothered with mowing, opt for a faux lawn treatment instead.
  • Make a Path
    If you have a larger property with the pool quite separate from the house, pavers are an amazing solution for defining pathways and creative natural movement through the outdoor space. Stone is a versatile option for any elevation. Ensure that paths connect easily from one to the next whilst providing an obvious route for walking.
  • Modern Vibes Outside
    If you have a more modern home or you’re just looking for ways to inject some modern vibes into the space, pavers are a great solution. Why not add some gravel between them, too? They can be cut to any size and in any shape, so you can really have some fun with pattern whilst also using the shapes to easily navigate through the yard.
  • Random Placement
    Whilst symmetrical placement is more typical when it comes to pavers, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use them in a random pattern or layout. The placement might seem a little haphazard, but the look will be casual with lots of interest. This sort of technique is also a great way to use up stones that you have left over from other projects.
  • Visual Interest
    If you have an area near your pool that won’t necessarily be used as a functional space, pavers will still do a lovely job of tying together your landscaping. As well as creating visual interest in your backyard, they can also connect the various areas of your yard to each other (great if you had no other way of achieving this).

We hope that the above list has given you plenty of creative ideas to think about when it comes to using pavers in your swimming pool surrounds. Whether you have a narrow lap shell that you use exclusively for keeping in shape or you have a free form oasis where all the family likes to gather in the summer, pavers can be used to create the perfect accompanying space. Just ensure that you’ve carefully selected your natural stone, colour and texture.