29 Jan 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Steel Fencing for Your Home

Choosing steel fencing for your home is about more than just choosing a barrier – it's also about enhancing your lifestyle and the value of your property. We understand that the decision can seem overwhelming. For many, steel is the perfect solution – it offers a combination of robust protection and aesthetic elegance that cannot be beaten by other materials. With so many different styles available, we’re sure that you’ll find a perfect match for your home in no time.

In this comprehensive guide put together by an experienced fencing supplier, we have outlined everything that you need to know to make an informed decision.

What is the purpose of your new fencing?

Take a moment to ask yourself why you’re building steel fencing in the first place – what is its primary purpose? Perhaps you want to increase privacy or security on your property. Perhaps it’s a safety requirement for your new swimming pool or spa. Understanding the reason the fencing will help you to choose a style that’s sturdy enough and high enough to meet your needs, as well as an aesthetically pleasing addition to the property as a whole.

What is your land like?

Many people aren’t aware that the type of land they plan on fencing will determine the type of fence you can (or should) install. If your land is flat, you’ll have more options and pretty much complete freedom to do whatever you want. If your land is sloped or hilly, however, your options may be more limited. There may be some additional requirements, such as a retaining wall. If the terrain is particularly difficult to navigate, a fencing supplier will be able to advise how to best manage it.

What are the rules and regulations in your local area?

Before you start building new fencing, be sure to check your local council’s relevant rules, regulations, and requirements. There may be restrictions on style, height, and distance from the boundary that you need to comply with. You should also speak with your affected neighbours before starting any construction (depending on your plan, you may even be able to get them to split the costs of the fence that they’ll share with your property).

Why choose steel fencing over other materials?

Any fencing supplier will tell you that steel has risen in popularity in more recent years due to the many advantages it offers, including:

Durability – steel is extremely strong and resistant to most damage (such as harsh weather conditions, rust, and physical impact).

Security – steel provides a formidable barrier against potential intruders and its robust nature makes it a popular choice in high-security environments.

Aesthetics – steel offers a sleek and sophisticated appearance that cannot be achieved with other materials and will enhance curb appeal.

Low Maintenance – steel doesn’t warp, rot, or need regular treatment to keep it looking its best, so it has lower maintenance requirements (and costs).

Versatility – steel is available in many designs and finishes, allowing it to complement any architectural style and landscape.

What types of steel fencing are available?

There are actually a number of different types of fencing to choose from with varying potential uses for your convenience:

Ornamental – these fences are known for their aesthetic appeal, which makes them ideal for residential and commercial properties where aesthetics is vital.

Solid – specifically designed for security purposes, these fences are basically a solid block of steel that offers an impenetrable barrier.

Picket – seen as a modern, stylish, and durable alternative to traditional timber pickets, these fences enhance curb appeal while ensuring safety.

Security – designed with the objective of maximum security in mind, these fences are typically taller and fitted with spikes or barbed wire.

Privacy – as their name suggests, these fences are designed to provide complete privacy. They are usually tall with no gaps, ideal for residential and commercial properties.

Chain Link – a versatile and low-cost solution, these fences are easy to install and provide a clear view to the other side while remaining secure.

Choosing the right steel fencing for your property is a decision that can have a significant impact on both your lifestyle and the value of your home. A mistake could be costly, not to mention result in an eyesore that you’re then forced to stare at. This is why you need a trusted and experienced fencing supplier on your side, who will be able to guide you through every step of the process and ensure that you’ve answered all the big questions outlined above.