10 May 2018

Things You Must Know Before Hiring An Interior Designer

Hiring An Interior Designer


If you have decided to work with an interior designer, whether you want some help making your new house feel like home or you want to give your current décor a bit of an update, you might be wondering what you need to know in order to prepare for such a project. In the list below, we’ve outlined just some of the things you need to think about before hiring a designer:

  • Accommodations
    Consider where you’ll be staying whilst the project is being completed – can you live without a kitchen or living room for a few weeks? It’s never recommended that you live in your home whilst major renovations are being undertaken, so if you can stay elsewhere do it!
  • Budget
    Whilst designers are trained to make the most of any budget, they can’t really do much until you have a figure in mind. Whilst even just a price range is beneficial, you’ll find the best success when you’ve crunched the numbers and know exactly what you’re working with.
  • Involvement
    Are you a busy person who wants an interior designer to take the whole project off your shoulders? Or do you have a creative side and would like to be somewhat involved in the works? Would you prefer to make furniture and décor purchases or have the designer do it for you?
  • Location
    Think about which rooms and/or spaces you want the designer’s help with. Keep in mind that spaces that are connected via an open plan (such as a kitchen that flows into a meals area) are best done together. Also keep in mind that some materials might involve multiple rooms.
  • Special Needs
    Does anyone in your family have special needs (such as vision problems, mobility restrictions, aging parents, autism, etc)? Don’t forget to also consider your future needs – will this be your forever home or do you plan to move out once the kids are grown?
  • Timelines
    Consider when you need the project to be completed by, keeping in mind that a shorter timeline can make it more expensive. Do you want it done in time for Christmas? Before the new baby arrives? Whilst you’re away on holidays for 4 weeks next June?

It is important to remember that we have only scraped the surface when it comes to the things you need to know before hiring an interior designer – you also need to consider your expectations for the project, who in the family should be involved in decision making, and any pets. But the points we have outlined above tend to be the most important – and the most overlooked.