04 May 2018

How To Recycle Old Wooden Furniture

Furniture Recycling


Are you ready for a change in décor? Disposing of your old furniture can be a bigger problem than you may think, especially if your local council has strict hard rubbish collection rules. It’s also very wasteful, which is not in keeping with the eco friendly lifestyles we are striving to lead. Recycling or upcycling is a great way to reuse old wooden furniture that would otherwise be discarded. We have shared some of our favourite ideas in the list below:

  • Turn Drawers into DIY ShelvesIf you’ve got some old drawers lying around – perhaps the dresser that they once belonged to has become seriously damaged – you could give them a coat of paint to transform them into a chic hanging shelf. Use a few pieces of scrap timber to make dividers and you could add some decorative paper to the back for a personal touch.
  • Turn Drawers into a Vertical GardenAnother great idea for reusing drawers from wooden furniture is this fun planter project. Personalise the planter with any number of drawers, colours and plants – the possibilities are endless! All you need to do is drill a few drainage holes into the bottom of the drawers and watch your garden thrive. Just remember to use exterior grade paint!
  • Turn Headboards into a BenchWhether you’re downsizing or have just bought a new bed, before tossing your old mattress and headboard you might want to consider this idea. By simply adding a few pieces of scrap timber and a coat of paint, you can build an upcycled bench to welcome visitors to your home. Use exterior grade paint if you want to place it outside.
  • Turn a Dresser into a BarIf you love our upcycled drawer ideas, you’re in luck – we also have a way to reuse that old dresser that they came from! Remove any shelves and drawers, sand down any imperfections and give the whole thing a coat of paint. You could cut into some of the shelves to create some hanging glass storage if you like, or even a clever wine rack.
  • Turn a Ladder into DIY ShelvesInstead of tossing that old timber ladder into landfill, why not take it to new heights by turning it into actual wooden furniture? Add a few planks of timber between the rungs and you’ve got a nifty place to store books and other accessories. It will add a real shabby-chic touch to any room. As an alternative, hang it horizontally on the wall!
  • Turn a Piano into a BookcaseDisposing of those super heavy items, like an old grand piano that no longer words, poses an even greater problem. If the piano is beyond repair, you could disassemble it and transform it into a bookshelf. You will need to carefully remove all the strings and internals. Use some scrap timber to create shelving. Be aware – this is not for the novice!

We hope that the above list has given you plenty of ideas on how to upcycle or recycle old wooden furniture. Whether you intend to re-incorporate these pieces back into your décor, you plan to sell them or you plan to donate them, the end results will be amazing. It is always better to reuse furniture where possible instead of simply discarding it – this will not only save you some money, it will help you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.