31 Oct 2022

Ways To Promote Your Brand With Custom Water Bottles

If you’re planning to include promotional water bottles in your marketing strategy, you might be surprised at all the ways they can be used to effectively promote your brand beyond just handing them out to customers and clients when you see them. In this blog, we have outlined some of our favourite ways to use custom bottles to your advantage:

  1. Charity Runs & Walks
    Participants in these events are going to need water to stay hydrated and make it to the finish line, so why not be the company that provides it to them? Not only will custom bottles help participants, organisers and volunteers to remember you, they’ll also appreciate the effort you’ve gone to in providing them with something they need.
  2. Community Events
    If you’re a local retailer, handing out promotional bottles at community events is a great way to build and promote your brand. From fairs and festivals to picnics and parades, people will see that you are community minded and will remember you. Just keep in mind that a big or national company may appear a little performative in doing this.
  3. Complimentary Amenities
    If your business regularly sees visitors and has a reception or break out space that they can access, place promotional bottles Sydney in these areas as a complimentary amenity that they can take if desired. Research has shown that more than 90% of visitors will take something if it’s free and if they even just half pay attention to your logo, it’s done its job.
  4. Schools & Education
    If the products and/or services that you offer are in any way related to schools or the educational sector, handing out promo bottles in Sydney to faculty and students can be a great way to improve brand awareness. Parents are also likely to appreciate the gesture, which makes them more likely to shop with you in future.
  5. Special Customers
    Everyone likes to feel special, so why not use custom bottles to reward loyal and long-time customers? You could determine who is ‘special’ in a number of ways – perhaps it’s the customers who’ve purchased with you for 5+ years, or the ones who place orders over $1000, or the ones who send referrals your way.
  6. Sponsorships
    A sponsorship is a great opportunity to build and promote your brand, plus it’s an effective means of demonstrating that you identify with the same values as the event/team/business you are sponsoring. Many people appreciate when bottles are handed out as a part of sponsorship deals, as water is essential for the body to survive.
  7. Subscription Freebies
    If you offer any sort of subscription (such as a monthly box of goodies or access to unlimited service calls for 12 months), including promotional water bottles as a freebie to say thank you can be appreciated. Signing up can take time and effort (not to mention money, in some cases) so returning the favour is sure to get you noticed.
  8. Trade Shows
    When people attend trade shows, they’re specifically looking for businesses that provide products and/or services like yours – this is the perfect time to market your company with promotional bottles in Sydney. Keep in mind that these events tend to be quite large and involve a lot of walking around, so thirst is inevitable.

With so many clever ways to build and promote your brand using promotional water bottles, we’re sure that at least one of the options outlined above will suit the interests and values of your company. And there are plenty of others that we haven’t even touched on! So assemble your team, get your thinking caps on and start brainstorming ways to get noticed.

Promo Bottles Sydney can help you increase leads, not to mention improve customer loyalty and trust, with our wide range of customisable bottles. Get in touch today!