03 Sep 2013

Decorating In White? You’ll Still Need A Pop Of Colour!

These days, it seems as if white rooms are all the rage in interior design, but to prevent the space from becoming too minimalist you will need to ensure that you add a few pops of colour here and there, too. Still stuck for ideas on how you can achieve this effectively? We have compiled a list of handy colour additions that can be used in any space!

  • Pendant Lighting – Because this sort of lighting is often the feature of the room anyway, why not use it to add a pop of colour? It doesn’t have to be all that pronounced, even silver or copper would work.


  • Rugs – This is one of the best ways to add colour to the space, as it will draw the eye in and make the room feel comfortable. Why not choose a bright colour like lime green or baby blue?

  • Pillows – This is one of the best ways to add colour to a lounge room or bedroom. Make sure you choose colours that work together and use them in pillows of all different shapes and sizes to ensure continuity.

  • Accessories – There are plenty of accessories that you could pick up to brighten the room. How about a hot pink candelabra or a bunch of purple flowers? Purchase whatever catches your eye.


  • Books – Believe it or not, books can actually add a lot of colour to a white space. Make sure that they are arranged so that the brighter spines or covers tend to stand out against the drab ones.

When it comes to adding a pop of colour to your white interior design, all you really need to do is use your imagination. If you have a colourful blanket that you love, throw it over the back of the couch and watch as it transforms the feeling of the space. When you’re out and about, keep an eye out for any pieces that you think would work well in your room.