16 May 2013

Redesign your home with bright, bold and trendy colors

You can give a modern and updated look place by coloring your walls with bright and bold colors such as lime, orange, purple, blue and pink. It was found that bright colors are a great stress buster and they also create a positive environment within the place. Bright colors also complement best with the room furniture’s and hence gives a perfect look to your place.

home color trends 2013


You can also give a new look to your place by painting the background of your walls with good bold shades such as orange or blue and there after you can put colorful cotton and linen bed sheets in bright colors and floral which will certainly add beauty to your living room.

yellow and white bedrooms


If you are found of good bright colors, then you can use glass vases, planters and other accessories in rustic ceramics in bright shades. Updating bathroom and kitchen accessories is an important part of home remodeling. This brings a fresh and lively feeling in your bathing and kitchen area.

Bedroom Color Ideas


You can even add a natural touch to your place by placing fresh flowers and plants in your room. This will add a sense of wellness and comfort among the home owners and will also give a soothing and pleasing effect to your place.