09 Apr 2014

What To Avoid In Your Home Décor For 2014

Decorating your home successfully is an incredibly challenging task and it takes a lot of effort, especially if this is your first time. If you don’t tackle the project correctly, your great ideas could end up being one gigantic disaster. Here are the things that you should avoid when creating a new home décor for 2014:


  1. Disproportionate Furniture
    When choosing new furniture for your home, make sure that the size of each piece is in proportion with the size of the room and other items you have already selected.
  2. Getting Rid of Existing Furniture
    Don’t throw out your old furniture willy-nilly until you have determined that it cannot be revamped for your new décor. A few changes could make an old piece chic and classy.
  3. Too Many Cushions
    Yes, having some cushions is important for adding colour, pattern and comfort to your seating area. But having too many cushions will leave you with very little sitting space.
  4. Monochromatic Rooms
    It sounds nice in theory, but having everything in one room in one single colour is a décor no-no! If you are worried about this occurring, introduce some contrasting colour.
  5. Keeping Things You Hate
    This might sound like a no-brainer, but many people feel obligated to keep items around because they were inherited or gifted. You can put it in storage if you really have to.
  6. Poor Lighting
    Rooms that don’t receive much natural light and have been painted dark colours will seem quite small. Prevent this by using light colours and introducing artificial light.
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Now is the perfect time to give your home a décor overhaul, just make sure that you aren’t making one of the mistakes outlined above. Whilst there are plenty more pitfalls that you will need to avoid, the _ we have covered above seem to be the ones most committed by unwitting homeowners.