31 Aug 2012

Tricks For Hiding A Wall Lights Wire

There are many uses for wall lights in our homes, most notably in stairwells where space is valuable and beside our beds to make reading easier. One of the aesthetic issues associated with the installation of many of these lights, however, is that there will sometimes be a wire running down the wall. Use the following tricks to help hide this eyesore from view:

Hidden Wall Light Wire

  • Use a length of plastic cord in a similar colour to the decor to cover the wire. Make sure that you measure the visible wire to make sure every inch is covered.
  • Before mounting the wall light, paint the wire in a colour that will blend into the wall once it is installed. Make sure that you leave the wiring overnight to dry completely.
  • Purchase a specially made cord cover (available from many lighting specialists) and insert the wiring into it. You can then affix the cover to the wall using its adhesive backing.
  • Arrange furniture so that it sits in front of the wiring (or as much of the wiring as possible). This will help to prevent the eye from being drawn to these areas of the room.

By using any one of the above tricks, you should be able to effectively hide the unattractive wiring of your wall light from view. You may even like to combine some of the tricks (such as painting the cord and arranging furniture in front of it) to doubly make sure that the wiring from your light will be hidden from visitors to your home.