11 Sep 2012

Top Tips For Choosing Wall Lights For Installation In Your Home

Once thought to be only used in castles and mansions, the humble wall light is fast gaining in popularity for our modern day homes. Essentially, the name is given to a fixture that attaches to the wall and holds either candles or an electrically powered light. It isn’t hard to see that choosing the right sort of fixtures for your home could really make a difference to your décor. To help you make the right decision, we have compiled this list of tips:

Beautiful Wall Lights

  • When installed along hallways, make sure that the wall lights do not project too far into the space. If people who have never been to your home before are walking along your hallway, they may not be able to judge the distance properly and could walk into the sconce, causing serious injury.
  • When using wall sconces for task lighting, consider using halogen globes. These sorts of globes will create a clean, white light, which is perfect for completing tasks to. Yellow globes tend to create a softer light, which can cause eyestrain and even headaches during extended use.
  • Wherever possible, use wall lights in pairs and place them either side of an object. Whether this object is a doorway, fireplace, mirror or even a bed, having a light placed either side can be very effective in illuminating and drawing attention to it.
  • Wall sconces are perfect for use in the bathroom, as they provide the best illumination for grooming. In order to make the most of this sort of lighting, the sconce should be installed horizontally above the main area of the mirror, or two sconces should be installed either side of the mirror.
  • Install wall lights along hallways and staircases to boost safety in your home. Providing that the sconces are evenly spaced along the length of a hallway or a staircase, you can lessen the chances of accidents and injuries from occurring.
  • In place of up or downlights, use wall sconces with metal diffusers to create the same effect. The metal diffusers will only permit the sconce to throw out light from either the top of the bottom. When installed above or below artwork or architectural features, the effect is striking.

By following the above tips, you will be able to choose some wall lights for your home that meets your needs and wants precisely. There can be no denying that these sorts of sconces are an attractive addition to any space, you just have to make sure that you choose wisely and are providing enough illumination for the application of the space.