22 Nov 2016

Top Kitchen Pantry Ideas for Small Spaces

Running low on space? Home storage is one of the most underrated – yet most important – aspects of any design. And unfortunately, you likely won’t realise you don’t have enough storage space until you can’t fit everything into your house the way that you planned! The same is true for your kitchen, and by extension, your kitchen pantry. Finding ways to fit in all of your spices, dry goods and other non-perishables can by tricky when you’re low on space. Thankfully, we’ve put together our top 8 ideas for small spaces so you can (theoretically) have your cake and eat it too!

1. Invest in pull-out racks
One of our favourite techniques, we love seeing pull-out racks installed next to the fridge or oven. Not only are they a great choice for filling small gaps between your appliances and your cabinetry, they are ideal for storing your dried herbs and spices, salt and pepper, and other oils.

2. Rotating shelving is a must
If you have a corner unit, you need rotating shelving. Anyone who has ever used corner cabinetry knows how difficult it is to get into the back of the shelving, and usually that results in a dead space that just doesn’t get used – but not anymore! With rotating shelves, you can easily fill and access the whole cabinet, getting more from the storage space you already have!

3. Make use of your back-of-door space
Does your kitchen pantry have doors? Congratulations, you now have extra storage space too! Install hanging shelving on the inside of the doors, and store everything from wine and vinaigrettes to tinned beans or honey. This nifty trick can also be used under the kitchen sink to store detergents and other cleaning liquids.

4. Make labelling your best friend
If you’re short on space, it’s critical that you know exactly where everything is to avoid creating a mess every time you cook. That’s where labelling comes in. This is especially helpful for those who decant their groceries into Tupperware and glass jars, as it can be difficult telling plain flour apart from self-raising.

5. Consider exposed shelving
Adding exposed shelving to your kitchen can be a great way to make use of extra storage space whilst also adding a new décor element. With a few shelves or an open hutch, you can clear out the more ‘aesthetic’ items from your regular kitchen pantry – such as decanted tea, coffee and sugar, or wine and wine glasses – and make more room for your other dry goods.

6. Reach new heights
Get vertical in your way of thinking! Whether you add hanging cabinetry from the ceiling or make use of the top of your pantry units, this can be a great way to store more things in your kitchen pantry. Our top tip: put your least used items up high, such as the casserole dish you only use at Christmas and ensure your most used items are still at eye height.

7. Cut down on clutter
We know minimalism is a buzz word in interior design at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it’s just for styling. By making a conscious choice to only buy what you need, you can cut down un unnecessary clutter, save money, and even create a more sustainable kitchen!

8. Add natural lighting
You’ve done everything you can to get the most out of your kitchen pantry – now to make it look a little bigger than it really is. You need natural lighting! If you’ve got the budget, replace your regular blinds with a transparent fabric, add another window or even a skylight! Or, if you’re looking for a quicker and more affordable solution, make daylight globes your best friend.

Creating an exciting, functional and attractive kitchen pantry doesn’t have to take up your whole kitchen – in fact, these space saving solutions are the ideal choice for any home, not just for those working with a compact footprint. Give them a try yourself or get in touch with your local joinery experts for a stylish, architectural finish.