18 Jul 2013

Tips On Decorating Your Home Using Wallpaper

Whilst there is some belief that wallpaper is an outdated decorating tool, there has been a definite resurgence in the use of paper around the home. Instead of simply covering an entire wall, however, why not make use of some of these other decorating ideas?

  • Dressing Screens – Remove the fabric or slats from the panels of an old-fashioned dressing screen and fill in the gaps with wallpaper-covered plywood. Choose a paper that matches the room.

  • Artwork – If you have fallen in love with some wallpaper but aren’t really sure where to use it, why not frame it? You don’t even have to use glass in the frames, as this can make the surface glossy.

  • Cupboard Inserts – Use leftover wallpaper to line the backs of shelves in your cupboards; this will give the space a new lease on life and will be a pleasant surprise to visitors who decide to peek in.


  • Lamp Shade – If you have a lamp that you love but cannot find a place for in your home because it simply doesn’t match, you should try covering the shade in a wallpaper that does match.


  • Table Toppers – Dress up an outdated coffee or side table by covering it with some wallpaper. You can cover it with a protective, clear coating or even lay some glass over the top to avoid stains.



There are plenty of other ways that you could choose to use wallpaper in your home – you could even use it on the walls! The next time you see some paper that you love but think you could never use in your home, why not look at some alternative home decor tips to incorporate it?