06 Jun 2014

Thinking Of Replacing Your Kitchen Tiles? Try Subway Tiles

Do you find cracks and worn out tiles in your kitchen? Are you looking for better tiles for your kitchen that will help in easy cleaning of backsplashes? If you are looking for the above, then you have landed on the right page. Just like many of the areas in your kitchen today, the backsplash area is one of the areas that need the best looking tiles that not just adds beauty and elegance to your kitchen but will also help in easy cleaning of spillages and soap solutions. The best option that you can go for these days as kitchen backsplash tiles is a subway tile.

Subway Tiles For Kitchen  
Subway tiles are the most popular choice of many homeowners when it comes to replacing their kitchen backsplash area tiles or even for a new modern kitchen. These tiles come in a wide variety of designs and sizes and now are made out of different materials like: porcelain, ceramic, glass, marble and terra-cotta. The tiles made from these kinds of different materials will suit different purposes. Ceramic, marble or glass tiles are most commonly used for kitchen backsplashes as it is very easy to clean and requires very less maintenance.

Why Go For These Tiles?
Subway tiles are rectangular in shape and the inspiration of the New York subway system has made many tiles manufactures to come out with various designs and sizes of subway tiles these days. The most popular sizes of subway tiles are: 6 x 6 inches and 6 x 4 inches as well as the good old fashion 3 x 6 inch rectangular tiles. The tiles, of course, have got its name from station subways as it was used to line the inside of a subway station in New York. These tiles have smooth porcelain finish and nowadays you will also get the perfect grout that will more or less match the color of the tile.

Advantages Of Shopping Online
With the advent of the internet and many people looking to shop for goods on the internet, buying backsplash subway tiles online is a very good option. There are many advantages that you will get when you buy amazon subway tile online.

  • You will find many varieties of tiles online than what you come across in a brick and a mortar tile store.
  • You have the ease of browsing through hundreds of tile options sitting in the comforts of the home.
  • You will also save big when you shop online as the tiles offered are at much lower prices than what you find in physical tile stores.
  • The items will be shipped to your doorstep and even free of charge for bulk orders.
  • You can even return your tile package and get it replaced free of charge without you needing to step out of your house.


Amazon is one of the best places to shop for subway tiles online. You can be assured of finding the best tiles at affordable prices with quick deliveries.