19 Aug 2013

The Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends For 2013

If you have been thinking about undertaking a bathroom remodeling project in your home – perhaps you’re selling or you’ve just had enough of your dysfunctional space – you might be wondering about some of the trends that have emerged in 2013.

  • Soaking Tubs – These days, it seems that most people are getting rid of that noisy spa bath in favour of a large soaking tub. These baths are often quite deep and freestanding, so that they become a feature.

  •  Eco Friendly – With more homeowners becoming aware of their affect on the environment, they are looking at ways to conserve water in the bathroom, such as efficient showerheads, faucets and toilets.
  • Spa Zone – These days, homeowners are trying to make their bathrooms feel like a day spa. This can be achieved with focused mood lighting, plush upholstered seating, fully mirrored walls and music functionality.

  • Heating – With our winters growing colder, it is not uncommon to find bathrooms with radiant floor heating. It is also becoming more common to find heated towel rails, to ensure that you stay toasty as you dry.

  • Hidden Toilet – These days, we are slowly moving out of the trend of having our toilets on show. People are choosing to wall a corner of the room in, even if it’s just a half wall, to hide it away from sight.

Whilst there are plenty of other trends that you could choose to embrace in your upcoming bathroom remodeling project (such as steam baths, dual vanities and smarter storage), we believe the 5 trends that we have outlined above will be the most valuable to you and your home.