12 Feb 2012

The Best Way To Arrange Office Furniture In Melbourne

Whether you are moving office or are just sick of the functionality of your current one, there are a number of things that you need to take into account when arranging office furniture in Melbourne. The main thing is the goal that you want your office furniture to achieve – a welcoming atmosphere for clients, or maximized productivity, or aesthetics?

First, you will need to measure the size of your office and the size of your various pieces of furniture. If you wish, you can draw out a rough sketch of the space, being sure to note where doors and windows are present. You can even mark in where other useful elements are, such as power outlets and telephone lines. This enables you to make initial decisions about where your office furniture in Melbourne would look best.

Always position the desks first, as these are the most important pieces of office furniture (your staff need them to work, after all). Keep the goal you outlined above in mind – for example, if you’re rearranging office furniture in Melbourne to boost productivity, place the desk close by to power outlets.

Next, place the equipment and furniture that is used most often by your staff close to their desks (such as printers and filing cabinets). This means that they will have access to them without having to move too far away. Consider placing small filing cabinets underneath the desks for staff to store current files, and large ones out of the way for files that are no longer in use.

Finally, add in the chairs. Place spare ones close by to the desks so that when clients or visitors pop in you are always prepared. If possible, place chairs in front of the desk to create an inviting atmosphere.