15 Jul 2013

Space-Saving Tips For Your Small Kitchen

Unfortunately, many homes feature small kitchens that are almost too cramped and cluttered to prepare a meal in. To help your space feel much larger than it is, we have compiled this list of space-saving tips that will allow you to use your kitchen in a more functional way.

  • Clean out the clutter – It’s likely that your kitchen is filled with items that could be stored in other areas of your home. Cleaning supplies can be stored in the laundry, bathroom or even garage. Use a pinboard for all of those menus and reminders you used to place in a drawer.

Clutter Free Kitchen For More Space

  • Maximise cabinet space - Have you noticed that deep cabinets often have blind corners or areas that are hard to access? Install a lazy Susan, which is a round, rotating rack with multiple tiers for easy access. A rolling rack is also a great way to make use of deep spaces.

Roll-out Shelves For Small Kitchen

  • Use lighting and colour - Good lighting and a new coat of paint will often make any kitchen feel more spacious. Sunny yellows, creamy golds and light blues are great colour choices, whilst keeping the blinds and curtains open as much as possible can work in your favour.

Small Kitchen Lighting and Decor

  • Mirrored surfaces rule - One of the best ways to give an illusion of more space in your kitchen is to use mirrors. Mirrored splashbacks are one of the best ways to achieve this, as whatever is on the other side of the room (such as a dining or living area) is reflected back.

Space Ideas For Small Kitchen

  • Add usable space - Whilst your kitchen may not be large enough to accommodate an island bench, why not use a kitchen cart? Because it has wheels, it can be moved around at will. You can also have a custom range cover made that will cover your stove and provide bench space.

The list of ways that you could save space in your kitchen could go on and on – from buying smaller appliances to using shelves instead of pictures on the walls – we have just decided to share with you some of our favourites. Feel free to use as many or as little of these tips as you would like.

Image Source : Apartment Therapy