What to Consider Before Choosing a Swimming Pool Builder in Melbourne?

Owning your own pool is an Australian dream – and for those of us who didn’t have one as a child, the fantasy of providing one for your own children is very powerful. Offering a place to splash around and cool off during the summer months, they are an ideal addition to any home; and

A Complete Guide – Tips For Installing Roller Blinds

A timeless window furnishing, roller blinds were once popular for their ability to complement sharp and minimal homes. After making a comeback in more recent years, many homeowners have started to question how they can go about installing the blinds on their own rather than having to rely on having professionals do it for them.

Paving Ideas: How To Lay Paving Stones For Residential Driveway Applications

More and more homeowners are turning to natural paving stones when it comes to residential driveway applications – not only are they highly attractive, they can be environmentally friendly and are more than capable of withstanding heavy vehicular traffic. If you have chosen to complete the project yourself rather than hire a professional, you’ll find

Things You Must Know Before Hiring An Interior Designer

If you have decided to work with an interior designer, whether you want some help making your new house feel like home or you want to give your current décor a bit of an update, you might be wondering what you need to know in order to prepare for such a project. In the list

How To Recycle Old Wooden Furniture

Are you ready for a change in décor? Disposing of your old furniture can be a bigger problem than you may think, especially if your local council has strict hard rubbish collection rules. It’s also very wasteful, which is not in keeping with the eco friendly lifestyles we are striving to lead. Recycling or upcycling

Why A Hydronic Heating System Is The Better Choice For The Family Home

For those of you unfamiliar with hydronic heating systems, there are generally two methods of operation to choose from – floor coils (which are laid under the floor, directly into the concrete slab when it’s poured, and are designed to heat up the slab and floor before radiating heat into the room above) and panel

Best Creative Ways To Use Pavers Around Pools

When planning your swimming pool surrounds, there are many elements to consider – the landscape, climate, budget and how your family intends to use the space. There’s one material that manages to find its way into almost every outdoor patio design project because of their sheer attractiveness and durability – pavers. With the variety of