06 Jun 2013

Interior Design Trends And Colour Tips For 2013

Are you building a brand new home and trying to decide on the interior design direction that you will take? Is your existing home in desperate need of being freshened up with some new colour or even a new style? We have compiled a list of interior design trends and colour tips that are all the rage in 2013!

  • Timber Features: One of the biggest trends in flooring is the laminate timber-look, which possesses the attractive appearance of timber without the hefty price tag.

    Timber Feature

  • Work With Space: The use of warm colours can actually make your room feel more intimate, whilst cool colours can make a room feel larger and more expansive.

    Work With Space

  • Large Feature Lights: One of the biggest trends in lighting is large pendant lights; they look fantastic suspended over dining tables, beds and kitchen benches.

    Large Feature Lights

  • Balance The Wheel: The use of warm and cool colours will actually clash if you haven’t used another colour between them. Keep the colour scheme on one side and accessorize.

    Balance The Wheel

  • Space-Saving Cabinetry: One of the biggest trends in bathrooms is fully or semi-suspended vanities. They allow the room to look more spacious and appear more sleek.

    Space Saving Cabinetry

  • Lighting Is Key: The use of lighting in your home can actually affect the colour of your paint. Colour will change from day to night and from one end of the house to the other.

    Lighting is key

  • Curtain Comeback: One of the biggest trends in window coverings is the return of plantation shutters and curtains. Look for bright patterns and colours for elegance.

    curtain comeback


Try incorporating some of the above interior design trends and colour tips in your home to see whether they help you to achieve the look you desire. Never be afraid of trying something new – try out a new colour or accessory for a couple of days to see whether you like it before adding something else to the mix.