16 Aug 2012

How to Use Ceiling Lights in The Best Possible Ways

Are you planning to install ceiling lights in your house and not sure where to use them and how to get most out of them? Mostly people fail exactly at the place when it comes to use ceiling lights and later complain that their ceiling lights can offer the effect they were expecting. There are various types of ceiling lights in the market, starting from small sized pendent lights to large sized chandeliers, but matters the most is their right use.

Classic Ceiling Light


The application of these lights largely depends on where you want to install them. If you are fond of chandeliers make sure your living room is large enough both in terms of size and height to complement them. Chandeliers are not for small rooms and low ceilings, so don’t try to experiment. If chandeliers really fascinates you go for, go for is small version – pendant lights. They are small in size and integrate only one to three bulbs, which is enough to light up and create magnetic effects above your seating space. Create small and cozy seating space for pendant light to enhance its effect and make it more visible.

Roof Lighting


For dining rooms you have to special careful because not all lights will go with this place. For small or round dining tables pendant light with single bulb will be a good option. But, for long tables, this is absolutely not a very good idea. Try, billiard lights as they are long and include multiple bulbs, hence will be able to focus light to the larger part of the table.