13 Mar 2013

How To Replace A Bifold Door’s Top Roller

To operate in the way we know and love, our bifold doors are placed on a track that runs across the top and bottom of the opening. The panels are able to slide open via a spring-loaded roller that is attached to the top of the door. Whilst these rollers don’t often experience damage, they may stop working properly on the odd occasion, leading to the need to replace it.

Step 1: Push down on the top roller to release it from the confines of the top track. Then, tilt the bifold forward and lift it gently out of the bottom track (or floor bracket).

Step 2: Pull the roller out of the top of the door using your hands or a pair of pliers. To make sure that you get the correct replacement size, take it with you to the hardware store.

Step 3: Push the new roller into the same hole that you removed the old one from; it should fit snugly. If you like, you can use a rubber hammer to secure the roller in place.

Step 4: If the new roller is too big for the hole in the bifold, use a drill to enlarge the opening. If the new roller is too small, use some wood putty to fill in the hole and drill a new one about an inch to the side.

Before you go to all the trouble of removing the top roller and replacing it with a new one, try opening and closing the bifold doors a few times and watching the track. If the roller just gets stuck and displays no signs of damage, you can spray a lubricant into the track to give it a move along. If you notice debris in the track, use your vacuum to remove it.