20 Sep 2012

How To Keep Granite Countertops New

Granite counter tops can incredibly enhance the value of a home. Therefore homeowners know what it means to their home and when something becomes more than just an asset it becomes important to take its special care, so that it remains new forever. Here are some tips to keep your valuable and beautiful granite countertops.

Granite Counter Trops

  • Find out whether granite top is sealed. If it is not sealed get a high-quality food-grade seal and apply a coat as directed. While buying sealer, ask the dealer how frequently your counter will need sealing.
  • Always use pads or trivet when placing hot utensils on the counter or any other utensils that may cause scratch. Don’t leave any spills on the surface, wipe immediately with a dish soap dip sponge.
  • To remove oil based stains use mineral spirits, acetone, bleach or ammonia mixed in water. Stains of tea of coffee can be removed using hydrogen peroxide. After using these cleaning chemicals, clean up the surface with dishwashing soap and water. Rinse it off with clean water and then dry with cotton cloth.
  • Treat spots and rings of hard water with steel wool. Gently buff the surface with the wool and you can get rid of scratches.
  • If your bathroom granite counter has got soap scum, remove them with ammonia. But do it only when soaking and scrubbing don’t work effectively.

With aforementioned tips and ideas you can keep your granite tile look new forever. But make sure that when you are taking up any cleaning program for your countertops made of granite, you avoid the use of acid cleaners like vinegar. Also, ensure that you clean the counter as soon as anything spills on it. With these little tidbits you will never find difficult to maintain your asset.