17 Feb 2012

How To Assemble Office Partitions

For many businesses, receiving office partitions in a flat pack can make life that much easier than receiving them pre-assembled. This is because you are able to fit more furniture in the delivery truck (especially if it is all in flat packs), meaning that you can receive your entire new office furniture in one delivery instead of two or three. It also makes moving the partitions around much easier.

First, unpack the box and make sure that you have all the parts that are outlined in the instructions. Sometimes, necessary parts (such as bolts and screws) are missing upon delivery and you will need to have these replaced. Next, read through the instructions and determine whether you will need any additional tools, such as a screwdriver or hammer.

Begin by assembling one set of your office partitions, ensuring that all the screws are tightly secured. This will help to add strength to your partitions, as well as ensuring that they do not fall over. It is best to assemble the partitions in the area that you will be using them, as this lessens your need to move them around.

Finally, cover or fill in any exposed fittings (holes for bolts or screws) with the finishing pieces provided with your office partitions. If there were no finishings included (as there sometimes isn’t), you should be able to find equivalent items in any hardware store. This will help to give your office partitions a professional and streamlined appearance.

Assembling your office partitions is not a difficult task, providing you follow the accompanying instructions and have all the pieces that you need. Once your assembly is complete, your partitions will be ready for use.