12 Feb 2018

How Are Wardrobes Useful For A Small Room?



When dealing with a compact bedroom, it’s essential that you make the most of whatever space is available – even when it seems impossible. There are a number of ways that you can work to make wardrobes possible in even the smallest of rooms – you just have to think outside the box and, perhaps, bring in the experts for some additional help. Check out some of our ideas below:

• Utilising Angles
Awkward eaves and pitched roofs can pose a problem in bedrooms of any size, but they’re actually an ideal place for storage because they can’t really be used for anything else. Have a professional install shelves and cupboards made to the exact measurements of the space to ensure that you’re really making the most of it.

• Go Vertical
Make the most of all available height by building wardrobes all the way up to the ceiling. If your ceiling is particularly high, you could use a rolling ladder to reach the upper cupboards. Paint the unit in the same colour as the walls and ceiling to prevent the bedroom from feeling too closed in and consider lighting for dark interiors.

• Utilising the Corridor
If you have a wide corridor or hallway that leads to your bedroom, make use of this otherwise dead space by turning it into a walk-through wardrobe. This will keep your clothing out of the bedroom all together, ensuring you have ample room to live. It’s a good idea to add doors to the unit to protect against dust and odours.

• Build into Eaves
Loft bedrooms have a habit of feeling small because of the sloping ceiling, but the floor space is usually bigger than you think it is. You could build units back into the lower pitch of the roof so that you can get plenty of storage in an otherwise unusable space. Drawers are a good option, as are low-level hanging rails (a bonus if the pull out).

• Work around Windows
Walls with windows are often quite unusable in terms of storage. You can solve this problem by building wardrobes all around the window frame (so that they literally frame the window). Turn the whole thing into a feature of the room by including an inviting window seat. From open shelving to cupboards, the options are endless.

• Look Behind
In rooms where space is at a real premium, you could always build out the wall behind the bed and fit wardrobes into it. You won’t be able to go all the way down to the floor (as the bed will block those cupboards from being used) but you’ll be able to get plenty of ceiling height storage in. Then just simply place the bed in front of it.

• Divide & Conquer
In a really small space, you could actually remove the wall separating two rooms and join them together (this works great for a master bedroom and master bath or even the kid’s bedrooms). You can then re-divide the two areas by adding a partial height wall, which can also house cupboards and storage. This will, however, require a professional.

If you’re dealing with a small bedroom but don’t want to sacrifice on your clothes storage, we hope that the above list has given you some ideas for how you can make wardrobes work. At the end of the day, all you really have to do is think outside the box and carefully assess where available space is. And don’t be afraid to bring in the experts if you need some extra help.