16 Dec 2013

Christmas DIY – Penguin Snacks

With the Christmas holidays almost upon us, it’s likely that many of us will soon have a few sun-filled weeks off work. When you throw kids into the equation, however, you can only hear “I’m bored!” so many times before you start to go a little crazy. Try this!!!

Penguin Snacks
For this edible idea, you will need some black olives, some cream cheese and some carrot slices. Cut an olive in half and use a blob of cream cheese to put it back together. Cut a wedge out of a carrot slice (so that the bigger piece resembles splayed feet) and place the olive on top. Stab the wedge into another olive (so that it resembles a beak) and place it on top. Stick a skewer through the whole thing to hold it all together and enjoy your cute penguins!