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Tips For Picking Ideal Paint Colours For Your Home

For many people, choosing a paint colour for a single room can be a challenge – how on earth do you go about choosing a palette for your entire house? To help the process go a little smoother, we have compiled some of our favourite tips and hints for choosing the ideal colours. In no

Decorating In White? You’ll Still Need A Pop Of Colour!

These days, it seems as if white rooms are all the rage in interior design, but to prevent the space from becoming too minimalist you will need to ensure that you add a few pops of colour here and there, too. Still stuck for ideas on how you can achieve this effectively? We have compiled

Redesign your home with bright, bold and trendy colors

You can give a modern and updated look place by coloring your walls with bright and bold colors such as lime, orange, purple, blue and pink. It was found that bright colors are a great stress buster and they also create a positive environment within the place. Bright colors also complement best with the room