11 Sep 2012

A Guide to Multi-Level Bathroom Designs Melbourne

Bathroom layouts are usually divided into at least three separate areas, the bathing area with a shower or tub, the grooming area with a vanity and sink, and the toilet area. Typically, these areas are all within close proximity, or are separated by a wall or screen. In some luxurious and innovative spaces, however, different parts of the room are made distinct by varying floor levels, which give the space a feeling of privacy and seclusion.

Modern Bathroom Design


Multi-level bathroom designs are most often used for large spaces in Melbourne, but the principles of stepping down into the tub or up into a grooming area can also be used to make the most of a smaller space. Multi-level layouts also lend themselves well to certain architectural styles and practices. If you love the look of a seventies conversation pit, for example, but find the idea too daunting for your living room, you could instead consider a luxurious sunken spa for a more intimate solution.

On a more practical level, this particular design can also be useful for homes in Melbourne built on slanting or hillside blocks. Instead of flattening out the landscape you can take advantage of the unique and natural environment to create a beautiful and original space. Consider, for example, a master bedroom that flows naturally into a lower level en suite with a relaxing, spa style sunken tub.

Multi-level spaces also give you more decorating freedom in terms of paint choices and furnishings. Instead of feeling restricted to one colour scheme as you would in single confined space, you can choose different paint colours, tiles and accessories for the different levels of your space.