03 Mar 2014

5 Winter Interior Design Tips

As the cold winter months draw ever closer, we will probably find ourselves spending more time indoors and less time out. Many people like to update their décor around this time of the year in preparation, so we have compiled these tips to help you achieve just this without breaking the bank:

Invite Nature In
Introduce some natural fabrics to your home, such as wood tones or cotton or cashmere. The warm textures will help your home to feel cosier. Plants with brightly coloured foliage and mild fragrances are also a nice addition, as well as improving oxygen levels.



Focus on Lighting
As it tends to become dark fairly quickly during winter, lighting is a must for your décor. Low lighting, floor lighting, fireplaces and candles are popular choices because they create a relaxed and cosy atmosphere that can also be quite romantic when used correctly.

low lighting


Deeper, Warmer Colours
It’s time to swap your lighter colours for deeper ones. This will help your home to feel warmer and will help to keep the cool air at bay. Yellows, reds and oranges are considered warm colours, so try to add in pops of these via cushions or throw blankets.

deeper colors


On Trend Colours
This winter season is all about orange, blue and grey. Whilst orange will help you add some warmth to the space, blue and grey will help your home to feel more modern. All three colours will also contrast together very well and are quite inoffensive.

Add Plush Rugs
Including some plush rugs wherever possible can help to keep the cold at bay during the cold winter months. The ideal locations are in front of couches, window seats, beds and arm chairs – places where you are likely to put your feet on the floor quite regularly.



Use as many or as little of the above tips to ensure that your home is prepared for the coming winter. Just remember that cold weather doesn’t have to equal subdued colours and a lack of warmth – there are plenty of ways that you can make your home more comfortable and inviting.