02 Feb 2015

5 Tips To Decorate Your Outdoor Space

Many homeowners are choosing to take advantage of the warmer weather by enjoying their outdoor areas, from the swimming pool to the patio. A dull or overgrown outdoor space, however, is not going to appear very inviting to your guests. We have shared 5 of our favourite tips to help you decorate your space and ensure you make the most of it this year.

  1. Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces
    The addition of a fire pit or fireplace will benefit your outdoors in a number of ways – they can help to keep guests warm during the winter, they can provide additional light of an evening, and they can even be used for cooking! A fireplace is perfect if you’re going for a more elegant look, whereas a fire pit is much more casual.


  2. Outdoor & Vintage Furniture
    It’s also the perfect time to update your outdoor furniture. Vintage is definitely back in at the moment, so why not look for period-inspired pieces or even save yourself some money by picking up some second hand furniture? Consider how you use the outdoor space when picking your pieces – is it a lounge or a dining area?




  3. Curtains & Screens
    To keep your outdoor space a little private, why not consider the addition of curtains or even screens? These can be opened when you want to let sunlight stream in and closed when the weather is poor or when you prefer to have your own space. It is possible to find curtains, screens and draperies that are suitable for outdoor use.

    outdoor - curtains



  4. Inject a New Colour Scheme
    A whole new colour scheme can make your outdoor space feel like brand new. You could opt for cheery colours (such as oranges, yellows and reds) to offset darker surroundings, earthy colours (such as ochres and greens) to make the space feel more natural, or floral colours (such as greens and many other hues) to reflect your garden.




  5. Relaxed Seating for Individuals
    When you have a much smaller outdoor space or an area that you would like to remain just yours, the addition of relaxed seating will surely appeal. A hammock is perfect for those who like to nap or lie down when relaxing. A porch swing is ideal for sitting and watching the world pass on by. And a recliner is great for those who like to read.





We hope that you find the above tips useful in decorating your outdoor space and making it more suitable for the warmer weather. You may have also noticed that some of these additions will also make the space more usable during the cool autumn and winter months. What other ways can you imagine updating your outdoor areas to better reflect your lifestyle?