13 Sep 2013

4 Stylish Ideas For Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Many homeowners are often on the lookout for ways that they can personalise their kitchen cabinet doors, either help them better blend with the design of the home or just to add their own touch. In this list, we have compiled a number of ways that you can achieve this:

  • Textured Glass - Whilst glass is quite a popular material choice for cabinet doors, it does mean that your crockery has to be neat and tidy at all times. With textured glass, however, you can get away with having a bit of clutter because it will all be hidden.

  • Chalkboard – Why not have some of your cabinets double as a message board? Insert a chalkboard into the frame, allowing you to write notes to family members, keep track of items that you need to purchase or let your kids doodle whilst you cook.

  • Repeat Patterns – Take a look around your kitchen or even other rooms of your home for patterns that can be repeated in your cabinets. Do your windows have a distinctive pattern that could be repeated in the doors? Are there other architectural features?

  • Chicken Wire – Whilst many people will see this as being a throwback to rural or country homes, it can actually be used in a modern design quite easily. For more of a rural look insert the wire as is, but for a modern look insert the wire behind glass.


The next time you are looking to update your kitchen cabinet doors, we hope that you will incorporate a few of the ideas outlined above. There are plenty of ways that you can give your cabinets a personal touch – all you need to do is use your imagination and we’re sure you’ll come up with more.