Creative Decorating Ideas That Will Grow With Your Children

As your children grow, you may have noticed that their needs and wants will grow with them. This can often mean that they outgrow that pretty nursery that you painstakingly put together in only a few short years. Next time, why don’t you try going for some creative decorating ideas that will grow with your kids from infants to teenagers, needing only a few small changes.

  • Quirky Touches – Adding quirky elements to a baby’s room can make the space feel fun for everyone involved, and they can often be repurposed as your child grows. A canopy over the cot, for example, can be reused over their bed for added privacy.Kids Room Canopy

Chalkboard Paint For Kids Room

  • Chalkboard Paint This is a great idea for children and teenagers of all ages. When they’re young, you kids can draw all over the wall without getting into trouble and, when they’re older, they can write reminders or notes to themselves with ease.httpfitforakid.wordpress.comtagplayroomFit-for-a-Kid-Chalkboard-Paint-in-Playroom.png

Sticker Decal Ideas from Aprtmenttherapy

  • Sticker DecalsThese are a great way to liven up otherwise bland and blank walls, especially because they can be removed when they no longer match your child’s passions. Many brands can also be re-stuck in other rooms of the house.Sticker Decal For Kids
  • Frame Wallpaper – This is an ever-changing canvas that can suit kids of all ages. When they’re young, it can be used to display artwork that they are proud of and, when they’re older, it can be used to display photos and other images they like.Frame Wall Farme Wall Ideas For Kids

The next time you are looking at decorating your child’s bedroom you should consider incorporating one of the above ideas. Not only will they make the room look fantastic (and make your child the envy of all their friends), they are also able to grow with your child, from an infant all the way through to a teenager, with a few changes to furniture and bedspreads.